User Guide – VoLTE
What is VoLTE?
IMC is now introducing VoLTE services, bringing voice calling into a new era! VoLTE (Voice over LTE) refers to a voice call service connected to a 4G LTE network. As an IMC customer, you can enjoy a free upgrade today and enjoy high-speed voice call connection via VoLTE at no additional cost!
Advantages of using VoLTE
Calls can be made faster with VoLTE services, which used to take about 7 seconds to make a call over a 3G network, but if both parties are using VoLTE, the fastest time is 1 second! If the other party is using a non-4G LTE network, the connection time will only take about 4 seconds!
To use VoLTE, you must have the following
1. Use a VoLTE-enabled phone
2. Update the software to the latest version (only for Android phones, please follow the manufacturer's settings guide to update the software version to the latest version)
3. Enable the VoLTE function in your phone
支援 VoLTE 的手機
啟動手機內的VoLTE 功能
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